In Water treatment and electrical equipment,
We will suggest to improve environment.

Head office

As a company creating environment,Kyowakiden group will expand our business to make the life of citizens more secure and more confortable.
Based on a core technology which we cultivated in the field of electric energy and water treatment,we will improve social environment, develop energy-saving society, make production facilities energy-saving and put an information‐oriented society into practice in vietnam.
To accomplish those mission, we will suggest one stop solution which are based on our experience from planning, developping, making, and managing machine.

About Us

KYOWAKIDEN VIETNAM Co., Ltd. has parent company which is KYOWAKIDEN INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. for over 65 years in Nagasaki pref ,Japan.

We ,KYOWAKIDEN VIETNAM Co., Ltd., will suggest to improve cliant’s environment with technology for water treatment and Electrical energy.
We will deliver our technology and value to cliant from here, Vĩnh Long.
Our very suggestion is making plan of electric machine to treat water and engineer it also.