KYOWAKIDEN Industry Co,.Ltd.

We Create the Environment

KYOWAKIDEN Industry (KE) has been working to make people’s lives safer and more comfortable. We have rich experience in the field of water and electrical energy. On the basis of these main technologies, we provide our customers with total solutions through research and development, system design, manufacturing, construction, to operation. By this consistent process, we aim to improve our social environment, develop energy saving society, make laborsaving equipments, and achieve the information-oriented society. KE was established in 1948. Now we are making systems to realize “economic globalization”, ”low-carbon society”, “innovation of the information technology” and ”the declining of the birthrate and aging population”, which are four major tendencies in our society today. Through our works, we are also trying to make highly motivated corporate culture, guarantee our employees’ and coworkers’ stable lives, and contribute to our society’s development.

Hideyuki Sakai President KYOWAKIDEN Industry Co,.Ltd.

Introduction of Head Office
Company Name KYOWAKIDEN Industry Co., Ltd.
Represantative Hideyuki Sakai CEO
Head Office 〒852-8108
10-2, Kawaguchi-cho, Nagasaki-city, Nagasaki-pref, Japan
TEL (+81)95-848-7788  FAX (+81)95-848-5305
Tokitsu Branch 〒851-2107
376-5, Kururikyo, Togitsu-cho, Nishisonogi-gun, Nagasaki-pref, Japan
TEL (+81)95-882-0088  FAX(+81)95-881-2512
Fukuoka Branch 〒812-0011
7F Nishitetsu hakataekimae Bldgs., 6-16, 1chome, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ward, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka-pref, Japan
TEL  (+81) 92-292-0039  FAX (+81) 92-292-0028
Tokyo Branch 〒110-0016
2F Komoda Bldgs., 2-20-13, Taito, Taito-ward, Tokyo, Japan
TEL (+81)3-5846-1081  FAX(+81)3-5846-1083
Sales Office [Out of Nagasaki-pref]Tohoku, Kanto(Ibaraki-pref)/Osaka, Nagoya, Kitakyusyu
[Inside of Nagasaki-pref]Isahaya, Ohmura, Matsuura, Goto, Shingamigoto
Establish June/1948
Capital 50,000,000Yen
Business System design(water treatment,Industrial machinery,waste disposal)
MNachinery (Machine for water treatment,Industrial machinery,Plant construction equipment)
Electric machine(Control panel production,Electrical instrumentation work,Electrical construction)
Electric power and Maintenance(Power generation equipment,Electric substation equipment, Internal combustion engine, Maintenance of rotating machine)
Information and Development(Data logger, Seawater desalination, Robot for Image processing)
License Construction Business Licenses国土交通大臣許可(特-26)第15582号
Civil engineering, electricity, pipes, steel structures, machinery and equipment installation, telecommunications, water supply facilities
Construction Business Licenses国土交通大臣許可(般-26)第15582号
Firefighting equipment・Cleaning facility
Number of Employees 487 at April/2016